Whitelist links do not work

I added several white listed links into nightbot beta like youtube, in SEVERAL variations (www.youtube.com, youtube.com, http://www.youtube.com, https://www.youtube.com) and nothing works.This goes for other links as well. Nightbot beta will still time people out.

In Nightbot v4 we now do domain matching. Simply entering “youtube.com” will match any links from YouTube.

okay but it still times people out when I put youtube.com in the whitelist and other links.

Do you have an example of it not working?

I’m currently streaming and when it happens I’ll screen shot it.

Here’s proof.

I just checked your channel settings, and you are entering full URLs, not the domain.

For YouTube, you would need to enter just “youtube.com” as its own entry.

thank you! that did the trick.

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