Whispers 2.0 Beta autocompletion

Autocompletion do not seem to work in the whisper tabs

The Tab Completion tooltip? As far as I know it’s not suppose to work with Whispers 2.0 and there’s really no reason for it to be added. The conversation is only between you and one other person, so there’s no reason for you to (@) mention someone else to get their attention, like you would in a chat filled with other people. And if you use tab completion for emotes, well there is the vanilla Twitch emote selector that you could always use instead.

Also, I’m not even sure how Tab Completion would even be implemented with Whispers 2.0 as whispers are global and not channel specific. The suggested usernames that the Tab Completion tooltip gives are based of off users who have recently participated in chat since you entered the channel, and again whispers are not channel specific, therefore it would be nearly impossible to come up with suggestions for usernames.

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