Whisper reply shortcut

First off, in native Twitch chat implementation, when you recieve a whisper from X,
"/w X " is automatically appended to your sent message story so that you can press
the up arrow to quickly reply.

It would also be great to add a "/r " command client side which aliases to sending a whisper
to the last user (as long as the context you’re writing in had received at least 1 whisper).

Maybe a bit nit picky, but as an extra UX feature, if I was implementing this, I would probably
add an extra safe lock where if the “last whisper” has changed within 3 seconds of me using /r,
it stops me from sending it, just incase someone else whispers me as I’m about to send my whisper.

EDIT: Ended up implementing this myself

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This will be coming soon™

EDIT 6.14.2015 - Added