Where is the now playing text download on nightbot beta?

So I got on nightbot in order to give my viewers the ability to song request as well as put up a now playing tab on my obs. But I don’t see where I can download the text file to put on obs with nightbot beta. Am I just missing it?

Check out the desktop app if you want a updating txt file, https://docs.nightbot.tv/app-beta The file will be located in your documents.

thanks for the quick reply, one more thing I noticed is auto dj not auto refreshing it self when more songs are added. I added 3 songs while it was up and it only played one. Then stopped until i refreshed.

It takes up to 30 seconds for the queue to refresh. Songs do not instantly become viewable on your page unless you add them on the AutoDJ page yourself.

I just made a new thread, but I had the same issue. It did not create a /users/documents/nightbot folder… I had to manually create but still nothing in there to indicate what song is playing…

It goes to your Documents folder. /users/documents/nightbot/ is not a path it would be.

On Windows: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Nightbot\
On OSX: /Users/NAME/Documents/Nightbot/

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