Where did Nightbot go?


I just recently added a Streamlabs bot to my channel, and it seems to have sent Nightbot packing. It’s still listed as a mod; I’ve requested it to leave and come back multiple times. It just doesn’t show up.

Is there a maximum number of bots in the channel, or … well, I can’t think of what else it could be. Anybody have any thoughts?

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Its down for the channel I mod and my own channel too.

I dont think you’ve done anything wrong :slight_smile:
Just to add, it was working an hour or so ago. Then just stopped.
The last update on their Twitter was from 2020, so that was no help.

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Same here it is down for my side of things and the different channels I help out for.

Also, it had nothing to do with Streamlabs since I never added it and Nightbot just left like that.

Yeah same, still live right now, and Nightbot was working for the first hour or so of the stream, and now its gone. Possible update or something?

Maybe. Would be good to know about these things in advance.

It does seem to connect and read chat (as evident by the message logging), however it seems to be doing so anonymously as it does not appear in the chatter list.
You can confirm that by seeing that while the dashboard claims Nightbot is in the channel (“Part channel” button appears instead of “Join channel”), if you make it leave chat using “Part channel” message logging stops, making it join again resumes logging, but Nightbot still does not log in to chat.

Yeah I did that with both my channel and the channel I mod for.

Maybe its just an update for the commands as someone suggested.

I am eagerly awaiting any word on this issue. While I can manually do a lot, doing it on multiple channels I moderate for at once is taxing.

same exact issue as described above … worked at the beginning of stream … and now its not working anymore … no commands from nightbot, still a mod, still logging chat, but not seen as user in chat … any updates please

Same here. I’m getting “status: 200” when posting to https://api.nightbot.tv/1/channel/send , like I’ve been doing about a year. However, the messages don’t appear in chat.

Yeah I’m presuming it’s maintenance since the api isn’t actually down itself. Should be up probably in an hour at most I would guess. But only time will tell.

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Exact same issue. Nightbot isn’t showing as a chat user or replying to commands but is logging chat messages and commands used.

Sorry about this outage. This issue is resolved as of 00:22 ET. Please let us know if you continue to experience issues, but things look calm again on our end.

Technical details for those curious:

At 11/13/2021 18:55 ET Nightbot started being limited from accessing Twitch chat. After some hours were spent diagnosing the root cause of these issues we were no closer to locating an issue on our end. After reaching out to someone at Twitch we were able to escalate this issue. It turns out Nightbot had lost a permission on Twitch chat, which caused it to become severely ratelimited. At 11/14/2021 00:17 ET Twitch reconfigured Nightbot with the correct permissions, resolving this issue.