Where are my donations from earlier this year?

How can I get to the list of donations from earlier this year?
The list exported as CSV?
Right now I only see the ones from after the beta ended.

All data should be on your tips page. There is no where else that it would be…

The tips transaction data was there until everything switched over to the new system. and the paypal info, etc, had to be entered again, and all the existing tips transaction log was gone.
Is the current system supposed to have imported everything from the old system, including the tips transaction log, or is that process ongoing, or ?

We had similar issues with multiple accounts, too. All tips that we received even today were cleared and no tips exist in the list. Multiple people I know have had the same issue. I really hope the transaction data was not lost entirely!

Check this post for more details: Transactions Lost

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and it won’t happen again.

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