When people try and donate and click submit it just reloads same page

Not taking them to paypal. Worked fine yesterday. No settings changed. Whats wrong? Missing out on several donations right now

Can you link me to your Streamtip page?

ive been having this same issue too, cant seem to figure out what is going on

Can you provide me a link to your Streamtip page?

Clear your cookies and cache, and see if it works then. I cannot reproduce any issues.

The flow to tip a user with PayPal is as follows:

  1. Unauthenticated user visits tip page, and fills out form.
  2. Clicks the submit button, and is redirected to Twitch to login.
  3. Redirected back to the tip page, and the form should be filled and submitted using prior entered information.
  4. User is redirected to PayPal.


Still broken, still doing this.

I tracked down the bug and implemented a temporary fix.

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