What personal information is shown to the person you donate to?

I donated with a debit card and need to know if my name will be shown. Thank you

See: Which personal information does the donation receiver see?

But i need to know if the name appears. I appreciate the link. I just need to know my name appears. I know the email does, but i don’t want my personal name to appear.

Yes people will be able to see your name as a payment through PayPal.

omg i used my full name oh noooooooooooooo

Does everyone see it or just the person receiving the donation?

Just the receiver through PayPal as that’s how money is usually sent.

Damn, i didn’t know. I would have used a fake name :*(. I thought just the email showed. thanks for letting me know.

Just the name of the account and the email, no other information is given.

oh! so you mean my screen name is shown and NOT my personal name and then the email? Cause in paypal it shows my personal name each time i send money. Thank you soooooooooo much again!

No. The name associated with the paypal account and the email associated with the paypal account are shown. Paypal handles the money transaction, they know nothing about streamtip or your screen name. Streamtip handles all the relation with showing your screen name in alerts and such but paypal does what they do with the transaction.

okay so the person receiving my donation, has my paypal name shown? not my twitch screen name.

As @Slikrick said earlier, the person receiving the donation will see the name and email associated with your PayPal account. Unless they are careless about showing their PayPal on stream, it is usually only the broadcaster that will see your name, everyone else will see your twitch name as that is what you put into streamtip. For more information, refer to the link that @Aaron128l posted earlier.

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