What is the user limit? And why can't OBS capture the Nightbot software?

Hi, two questions.

  1. Maybe a real dumb question, but what exactly is the user limit setting in the autodj settings? It says “This is maximum amount of songs that a user can request at a time.” So does that mean whatever I set the number to, that’s the maximum a viewer can request songs no matter how long I’m streaming?

  2. This one is a technical problem. I’m trying to use OBS’s window capture to capture a part of the nightbot program but everything is black when looking at OBS. I use to have this same problem when window capturing Chrome tabs until I found out that turning off hardware acceleration fixed it. Is there a way to turn off hardware acceleration for the Nightbot program or is there some other way to fix this?

Thanks a bunch for any help you can provide :slight_smile:

The user limit is how many songs a user can request in AutoDJ. It is based on how many songs the user has in the queue, so if a song gets played then a another slot opens up.

Also to my knowledge there is no easy way to turn off hardware acceleration for the Nightbot App, sorry.

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