What is the global command cooldown?

I know it’s five seconds, but commands frequently don’t go through, especially on YouTube, and usually, when this happens, it feels like more than five seconds went by. Am I just imagining things?

On Twitch it’s almost always 5 seconds.

On YouTube it’s a different story:

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Ah, thank you! I never really get this feeling on Twitch, so I suspected that it was a YouTube thing.

To be honest, YouTube is pretty bad for live streaming, compared to Twitch and other services. It feels really primitive. Bots are delayed, taking a long time to respond to commands; commands often don’t go through, there aren’t many moderation options (time outs are always five minutes, there’s no way to un-time out someone, there are no commands [no /me, can’t have follower- or member-only chats, there’s no emote-only chat, there’s no way to purge someone’s messages, there’s no way to clear the chat, etc.]), it’s harder for streamers to get emotes and in-stream donations [super chat], and so on.

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