What is the code for rounded borders

What is the code used for changing the border?
I want my chat box to look similar to Lirik’s.

border-radius: 20px; does not seem to work.

Do you know css? Using border-radius is correct, however you will need to apply it to an element. Maybe post the full css that you tried.

As a note, we do not provide support for custom css, nor will we write the css code for you…

Not asking you to write the code for me. Just point me in the right direction.

If you’re asking for the location of the code, you’re not ready to start making changes to something that works. Then we’ll hear about your issues there. Teak was just simply making a statement. No need to jump him.

What a joke of a support team. Thanks anyway.

It is policy not to provide CSS support. CSS can be time consuming, and when coupled with the thousands who use the alerts can be overwhelming if we supported it.

In the other thread you stated you reverted back to CLR Browser 3. You must use !important tags in CSS to override properties we use. This is because CLR Browser 3 injects CSS into Chrome’s default values for the elements, and anything not important is overridden.

Thank you. That was the sort of post I was looking for.

OK. I got it.

For anyone who is looking for something similar;

div {
border: 2px solid !important;

.chat_line {
font-size: 18px;
line-height: 18px;
border: 0px !important;
opacity: 0.80 !important;

For border color use hex codes; for white #FFFFFF

example; border: 2px solid #FFFFFF !important;

The only problem I have now, is that this code adds a border instead of editing the already existing border.

edit: Can’t figure it out