What is a good method to downscale emotes?

So I am working on some gifs to turn into emotes for my channel however when I try to make it 28 x 28 (with proper scaling) it just comes out to blurry. my 112 x 112 and 56 x 56 are 100% fine and not blurry but 28 x 28 is just too small of a size, another mate of mine is also trying he’s hardest to get his picture down to 28 x 28 but it just comes out blurry. What would you guys suggest for the down-scaling process?

You should always try to design an emote that looks good on 28x28, and then make it at 112x112 and scale downwards.

The reason we want 3 sizes is because of high DPI monitors, like retina screens on Apple products. Instead of a Macbook with Retina downloading the 28x28 image, you see the 56x56 image instead. The size appears the same but you’re served double the amount of pixels, which results in a clearer picture.

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