What happens to emotes after BTTV Pro is canceled?

Basically as the title is asking, I’m wondering what happens to my emotes if my subscription ends.
Since I have more than 5 of my own emotes I’d assume some would be deleted, and if so, how does that work? Am I to chose which ones stay and which are removed?

Thanks for any clarification.

They don’t get deleted, they just become inactive and unusable

No, only the first five uploaded and shared get to stay. You can go in after the fact and unshare/delete as needed, but you would need to get back down to 5 to make changes to which emotes are able to be used.

Ah okay. Thanks for the help.

Actually, just for clarification, My own emotes can’t be inactivated and swapped, can they?

If you have more than the maximum after deactivation of the subscription, you are unable to upload any further emotes until you have less than the maximum, which is 5.

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