What CLR Browser do I use in order to get it on stream?

I’m just confused on how to get the donations to scroll on my stream, is there something I’m missing?

As long as it works as the Streamer Donations did. Find the file you want and copy the location, for example with the new streamtip app the file is in your documents. So Documents>streamtip Click the URL section it will show the exact location of the folder you are in, this is what you copy. I use xsplit, I open a “add title” and click the “remote text update.” Paste the location into the Remote URL box. Then you have to manually add the notepad to the end of the url as Ex: C:\Users\PCNAME\Documents\Streamtip\tip-list.txt
And then it should work and appear on stream when you get a donation =D Hope this helps!

CLR Browser is an OBS plugin for displaying a webpage. You need it for the alerts, but not for the scrolling text. For scrolling text in OBS you use a ‘Text’ source, and choose the ‘Use text from file’ option…

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