What about different (own) playlist for songrequest?

There is already an option for this, but only 1 own playlist, maybe i want to have 1 EDM playlist, 1 Indie playlist… Instead of have 3000 songs mixed in one playlist, i don’t know if this is hard to make but i think in the playlist selector that you made, we could use this feature to add anothers playlist in the playlist window and then select them in the playlist selector.

What do you think about this idea?

Unfortunately that seems outside the scope of the song requests system at this time, sorry. We offer a channel playlist as a way to provide your channel with music when your song request queue is empty or as a source of music for users in your chat to request from. The song requests system isn’t designed or intended to be a general music player with multiple playlist functionality. If you desire that functionality you might find it better to use something like Spotify instead, which is built for that purpose.

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