Welcome Message?

Hi is it possible to create a welcome message on yt for new viewers?

Sorry but Nightbot doesn’t have any way to create welcome messages as those tend to be generally annoying. This is both for Twitch and YouTube Gaming.

Imho a bot is a toolset and not the watcher about what is annoying and what’s not. So imho everybody should decide allone which tools will be used. And therefore it should be possible with nightbot. BUT as I said, IMHO…

Yes but if you’re one of the only people that want this seeing most people find it annoying, they probably feel like it’s not worth their time to implement it.

It is impossible to show welcome messages for YouTube, since their chat is entirely non-stateful. Users on YouTube do not “join” chats.

As for Twitch, it is impossible to scale joins and parts. Twitch stops emitting joins/parts in chat when it’s over 1000 users, and the chatter list API is unstable at best (it’s frequently erroring and is never reliable).

With that said, it’s near impossible to offer this as a quality feature for Twitch and is impossible for YouTube.

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