Weird Twitch layout because of BetterTTV

Hey Guys,

when i use normal Twitch the Buttons are located correctly.

But when i activate BetterTTV it gets messed up.

Does someone knows an answer?


Left is correct. Right is wrong.

You should be more concerned about how your panels look on smaller screens. You’re designing your panels to fit your screen, not everyone else’s.

Yea but i tried to zoom in or change the resolution but at the end it never looks like the Twitch layout without BetterTTV

btw. its not my design. Its a design from a friends channel.

I understand that BetterTTV isn’t rendering it exactly as Twitch does, but that shouldn’t matter. Panels on channel pages shift when the window size changes, so the channel panels shouldn’t be designed to fit a particular layout. The person who designed the panels only designed them to fit their own screen, so they do not look right in smaller browsers as well as BetterTTV since the style is a tiny bit different.