Websocket api and alerts on naked account

Are they any prerequisite needed to have the websocket api working / alerts activated ?
I just want to test so I don’t have any payment getaway setup.

I’m making manual tips or clicking resend alert on existing one and I have nothing, neither from my ws socket nor from https://streamtip.com/embed/twitch/iorekcsgo (which I’m not sure yes yet is intentded to show alerts)

You should be getting alerts on any account, regardless of setup date. If you’re not, you may not have connected to the websocket properly. If you’re using your personal access token, you need both the client ID and access token specified to connect. If you are using OAuth, only the access token is needed.

Thanks, you are right. I only had the access token without the client ID. The doc doesn’t say I need both but it also says OAUTH token and I didn’t noticed that so my bad …

Anyway that’s working now but my socket always get closed after exactly 60sec with a code 1006 / Abnormal.
Do you have some kind of timeout ? Should I send some heartbeat msgs ?

Also nice work, very pleasant to work with the api so far ! How many devs working on nightdev ?

A code 1006 is an error on your side. You should be looking as the onerror event for more information.

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