Way to extend the word limit

is there a reason for the word limit in custom commands? i was trying to make one for my streams and it got really shorted due to word limit

Hello, You can try using pastebin , so you can add more text and it will be stored in a link, so you would have a command like this: $(user), $(eval a=$(urlfetch json https://pastebin.com/raw/XXXXXXX).split(“;”);a[Math.floor(Math.random()*a.length)])

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So I’ve put in exactly that into nightbot and it says invalid or unexpected token

It is because the link that I put is an example, the link that you must use in your command is your own, which is the one that is copied after creating your pastebin and clicking where it says raw

the link that will appear is the one that you must copy:

You should have a link similar to that and it is the one you should use in the command

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no yeah i got that, i did that already. thas my b for not specifing EXACTLY what i did. i got my own link, replaced it with at you had and the error came up. this is what i have. *$(user), $(eval a=$(urlfetch json “where the link is”).split(“;”);a[Math.floor(Math.random()a.length)])

Can you send me the command with the link you have posted? I think the error is in what you put in your pastebin, that’s why it gives you an error, send it to me so I can check

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