Warn Chatters when they use banned words

No, you would have to add each word as a separate phrase

well… that is annoying… then… I have lots of cut and paste to do. Thanks… for that… I simply didn’t understand what was happening. :smile:

Seeing *** means that your opted into the Twitch global banned words. This will transform any harsh words into ***'s for the whole chat.

Currently you cannot use the Nightbot spam blacklist for only ***'s as it’s used for wildcards.

Here is some links to point you in the right direction.

Again… thank you for the support… I will test this out tomorrow morning. Seems like a very basic thing.

Just to make sure, there is not “mass” add for this feature? I have to add each word… separately?

No there isn’t. For your case a better option would be to use the Twitch Banned words menu. And add words on an as need basis.

What would happen if someone used a banned word that is in both Twitch and Nightbot? Would the warning from Nightbot go off?

What would happen is that word would be changed to *** by Twitch. Nightbot cannot use spam black list on ***'s. So you cannot use it in order to time someone out. At this point you would need another bot if you wanted it to be automatic.

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