Warn Chatters when they use banned words

Is there a way that when a someone in chat uses a banned word that NightBot will deleted the entry and warn them with a message like, “Hey there $user$ lets try to keep it family friendly…”

Yes, you can assign banned words in the Spam Blacklist section in the Nightbot Control Panel.

What about the ‘friendly’ custom warning message? Where can I add this? Sorry, I am fairly new to Nightbot. I saw some other streamer that had Nightbot doing this and thought it would be better then just auto ban.

Adding words or phrases to the spam blacklist will time out a user if they say that word in chat. In the Spam Blacklist setting you can set a custom message to “Hey there lets try to keep it family friendly…” The user will be at the front of the message automatically. Also be sure to enable Custom Message and disable Silent Timeouts.

It should also be added that Nightbot will never ban users in your chat for an infinite amount of time. That should be handled by moderators or other means.

Okay, that does seems pretty straight forward and I have been able to find a list of banned words and added them to the blacklist. I have timeouts disabled and see where I can add the customer message, what is the variable for the user/chatter? [I think I found the list, but not sure … sorry, I am out of my element a little bit here]

There is no var for that in a custom timeout I think (Atleast it’s not $(user) or $(touser)), however Nightbot will respond with: $user -> $timeoutmessage.
So the user/chatter will be mentioned already.

Oh, so the custom/warning message will automatically call out the users name? No way of doing something like:

Hey now, $user lets keep it family friendly. Avoid using those gawd awful words in this stream. [said politely and with a smile]

Or, is there a little setup on my end to get the above message format?

Yes, the command will automatically call out the users name.
But no, I don’t think your option is possible, this one is close though:

Xgerhard -> Hey now, lets keep it family friendly. Avoid using those gawd awful words in this stream. [said politely and with a smile]

Thanks for testing, appreciate it. The example that I am going by, is from another stream that I visit and they do something similar, but I didn’t see Nightbot warn you… or are you, just showing me what it will look like?

Yes, I was just showing your message, the [warning] part will be added at the end.
The one you saw in another stream was it by Nightbot?

The reason I asked, was that I didn’t see that warning come across. Is that be design?

In the spam settings you can enable “silent timeout”, which will not give that warning message. Thus silent.

The silent is “Not” enabled, so - the channel should have seen the custom message, is that correct?

Yes that is correct, here is an example photo for what your looking for:

Thank you, the thing [perhaps I am too old lol ] is that someone did a test, but I didn’t seem the “warning”… This is why I am asking an obvious question. :smile:

Umm, perhaps it was just that I didn’t save the setting too? ummm yeah? LOL

A warning is pretty much just a timeout that last a few seconds. Better known as a purge, and the [warning] text only shows at the end of your custom timeout message the first time a user says a blacklisted phrase (which can be seen in the first screenshot provided). If they say the phrase again shortly after the warning/purge, they will then get a timeout that last for 10 minutes and the [warning] text will not show as it’s not a warning, but an actual timeout (which can be seen in the second screenshot provided). This is the same for the other spam filters such as links, emotes, caps, etc.

First Screenshot:

Second Screenshot:

But to directly answer your question, you may not have seen the [warning] text because it was not a warning, but an actual timeout.

Hopefully this helps!

These are my settings: During the stream today, I asked peeps to use some potty mouth , there was no warning from NightBot. They saw what they types, but everyone else saw asterisks.

What am I doing wrong?

Have you actually blacklisted any phrases in nightbot?

LOL - yes, I didn’t want to well… display them… but, great question. The word that I asked them to test was “shit” and it is in the list.

All the words are separated by a space… will that work?