Want to hear notifications for new followers, but not the music coming via song requests!

Hello all. As of right now I’m streaming using OBS and the Razer Ripsaw with my xbox. I have it set to play the alert sound on my laptop when I get a new follower so I don’t forget to acknowledge them.

That has worked fine. The problem is when I try to let music play in the stream. I want to mute the music on my end so that it doesn’t loop and echo into the mic and distort the sound. But I still want to hear my alerts while blocking the music sound. I can plug in headphones and then the music & alerts will BOTH be inaudible, or I can change the playback speaker which will again mute both music and alerts on my end.

But is there a way to just mute the music playback and leave my alerts alone? Can I independently set nightbot to play the music to an inaudible speaker source while leaving my notifications playing through the laptop? I hope my question makes sense.

You can set the nightbot audio to a fake sound source using something like virtual audio cable, but you seem to be using autodj in a way that isn’t really supported. The point of it is for you to listen to it and allow your viewers to request songs. So i can’t say that nightbot will support what you are trying to do natively, but there are programs to mess with audio streams to do what you want, though i haven’t personally used them.

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