Want to create a class/stats/dueling system

I might need to take this a step at a time, but what I need is:

  1. To create a stat system. Probably nothing too crazy, but attack, defense and intelligence. Each with an assigned “attack name”

  2. To create a class system that is set/changed by moderators. Upon entry into the chat a user will be assigned as a “squire” with all stats middle lined at 5 and a special skill. Changing the class changes to a set of stats and a special.

Announcement: PlayerA has been made a knight, Attack 3 “Short Sword”, Defense 9 “Shield Bash”, Intelligence 3, and now has Special “Parry and Counter”.

  1. A duel command that after acceptance allows the users to choose between Attack, Defend, and Special. The Resulting should be something like

PersonA: !duel PersonB 10
PersonB: PersonA has challenged you to a duel for 10 points, !accept or !decline ?
PersonB: !accept
Person A and B: Duel has begun, do you wish to !attack, !shield bash, or use !Special
Person A: !shield
Person B: !special
Announcement: Knight PersonA used !shield bash (Defense score 8), Mage PersonB used !Special Fireball (Power score 9), with +1 bonus for for Power vs Defense Person B wins by 2.

Yes, I realize the special system would be a whole other venture. But to start the idea is just to use the intelligence stat and give it a name. If this can get going an equipment system where people can use points to buy and sell items/equipment could be interesting. Thanks for any and all help.

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To build this kind of system might require a lot of programming effort, and I have doubts anyone here has the time to assist with this kind of request. I would recommend either learning programming to do it yourself or recruiting/paying someone who can help you with this task.


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