Volume of requested youtube videos

I have autoDj working and playing on my stream, requests are queued and play on my stream.

The issue is that whenever a youtube video is requested, the volume on the youtube player is set so low that you can not hear it on the stream.

I had to set the AutoDJ volume to 10 to get the correct sound level without a mixer. Not sure if that matters but wanted to mention it.

Any thoughts on how to fix that?


You may need a professional mixer to get what you’re trying to achieve, which is a difference in sound from what the stream hears and you hear. We unfortunately don’t have the resources to provide assistance with that, but perhaps someone from the community would know about this situation.

i see what you are saying, but that’s not the issue. the youtube video sound bar is set very low when the song request loads, so the sound level of the requested song is much lower than the autodj volume

You can change the volume of the player to be higher, and it saves for the next load of the player.

I’m using the desktop app and its resetting the song volume for each request.

I see what it’s doing.
It’s setting the sound of the youtube request to the level set by autoDj. grrr…

Found a workaround.

I was able to use Audio Router to route the sound from the browser to the VoiceMeeter Aux intput (you could also use a virtual cable). Trying to route the sound from the nightbot app, caused nightbot to close everytime, so had to use the browser.

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