Visual Text & CSS Change Request

Hey there, I have a small graphical suggestion for BTTV. If at all possible it would be nice if the Purple Buttons option also changed the Following and Subscriber Text and Symbols to purple as well. It’s not a huge change, but visually it would just seem more appealing. Thanks!

Example of requested change:

This is planned, and Dylan is in charge of the change.

Awesome, glad to hear it Night. Thanks for the speedy reply.

BlueCSS has a few issues as well so I’m going to be redoing it from scratch. Have 5 midterms next week so hopefully should be able to do it the week after next.

Maybe you could make the staff badge purple as well when purple buttons are enabled. :stuck_out_tongue:

This has been changed you don’t enable purple buttons anymore, rather you blue buttons are enabled by default and you can turn them off so everything goes back to their default colors.

With blue buttons off Fire’s staff badge is still blue for me.

Last I checked Saff is Blue, Global Mod/Admin is Red, Moderator is Green and Turbo is Purple by default, which is consistent regardless of weather blue buttons are enabled or not. Has this changed?

(PM me instead Izl)

This does appear to be the case. Although my badge hasn’t been showing up at all.

Don’t think BTTV should have any affect on badges actually showing unless you’re talking about a grandfathered tag?