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Visual Alerts and GameAlerts

Not sure if this is a public or private matter, but I wanted to know if it were possible to consider incorporating the Visual Alerts with GameWisp. I can see the RAW source code on the CLR page that I would need to change to match with GameWisps API’s but I also see that it is off-limits so to speak. And rather than just make it for me, I’d like to try to make it available to all. (Even though I’d have to make a database and the like… and my webhost will likely kick my arse but meh.)

My question is how can I go about trying to start this. Should I just use it for me and leave it at that or go further?

In the source of the urls it is stated that:

Distribution of this source code is not permitted. If you want to modify this source code for private use, that is permitted.

So, only for your private use, not for anyone else.

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