Viewers aren't seeing my bttv emotes, even though they have bttv

I can see my emotes, but my viewers cannot, even though they have bttv installed. Is that by design?

No? Just curious, but why would you think thats the case?

Is it happening to all viewers or only some? Is the emote a gif, if so do they have gifs enabled? What’s your channel, i can see if i am able to view them.

none of my viewers can see it, and yes gif is enabled. My channel is

Then your viewers do not have BetterTTV installed and they are mistaken.

Yes, the emotes on your channel are working fine on your channel, it would appear it is that your viewers don’t have BetterTTV as night says.

crazy! I had several of them last night say they have it. Do they have to have a certain option checked in bttv for it to show?

The only settings they would need to worry about are:

  • BetterTTV Emotes - Enabled by default, shows normal emotes

  • BetterTTV Gif Emotes - Not enabled by default, shows gif emotes.

Thanks, I re-submitted my emotes as .png, see if that helps…

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