Viewer watch time

Is there any way to get a tracker for viewers watching a stream?
Something like “$(user) has watched xx:xx hours of (CHANNEL) live streaming!”

I know something similar can be done for how long somebody has been following but is it possible to count the amount of time a viewer has watched like this?

Something like this is not possible with Nightbot.

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Oh I thought there was something for it now. Any other suggestions for anything similar or there only !howlong because I’ve already added that.

Twitch does not expose who is watching your stream, so it’s not possible for anyone. Some bots will track chatters as viewing users, but that’s simply false advertising and also impractical to do at scale that Nightbot operates on.

You can see all viewers in the Viewer List, that’s where I thought it could be tracked.

Thank you anyway. :slight_smile:

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