View Nightbot messages

Hi! I wan to view Nightbot messages at other streamers but I have Nightbot at moderaters and i cant view the mesages. How to view them?

Can you please try to explain what you want clearer as I have no idea what exactly your asking for.

I want to see the messages on the nightbot cheat but I have it at the moderators and I can’t see his messages. How can I see them?

So from what I’m getting you want to see nightbots messages on the logs? And you aren’t currently able to?

on the cheat, i want to see them.

What is the “cheat”?

Sorry Chat… My auto-corector.

So nightbot isn’t responding in your chat? Did you log into and have it join your channel?

Yes. He is at moderators on my channel, and i cant see his messages in chat (ex.!Instagram).

Do you have a custom command named !instagram ? Follow the steps here Nightbot Troubleshooting

Yes. I have the comand.

Can you follow the steps on the link I gave you? Cause I can tell no one has clicked it yet.

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