"Video cannot be embedded" Error

Hello, I am having problems with the AutoDJ feature of nightbot.
I used AutoDJ a couple months ago without any issue, but I have been affected by a strange issue when I started using it again a couple days ago.
For a lot of songs, they get added to the queue fine but they just get skipped when they should play. After a bit of digging I found out that each time one of these songs play, the AutoDJ page shows a “Video cannot be embedded” Error. Here is an image of it happenning :

After looking online for a bit I found this topic, which describes an issue seemingly identical to mine.
In that topic, the proposed explanation for why the video does not play is that the video is not available in OP’s country.
However, this is not my case, since the video plays fine through youtube. (Will provide a screen if needed but new users can only put one image in posts)

I am using Windows 10 and the Firefox Browser.

We unfortunately have no way of knowing why it cannot be embedded, so I don’t have an explanation for you. The error message shows when the YouTube player encounters an error playing the content for this reason. It could have been due to transient issues or embedded is disabled solely in your country.

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