Verbiage of warnings

I help manage a live stream for coder (freeCodeCamp) and just happen to catch a notification and spam filter catch for a stream viewer that was absolutely inappropriate. It was a built in one at that:

“I’m going to kill you old style.” is NOT a proper way of asking to stop spamming symbols…

All the spam protection filters have a setting called ‘Custom message’, which you can see by clicking the ‘Options’ button behind it.

There you will find the custom message setting:

This sets a custom message to be displayed to users when they are punished for this spam filter. Leave blank to use the default messages, which are randomly chosen Duke Nukem quotes.

So you’re telling me there is a chance for Nightbot to respond with “I’m going to rip off your head and shit down your neck”? I get the whole “This is my boom stick” and “Come get some” but there is a level of restraint and respect that I would have thought would be maintained by Nightbot… Hell… most streamers would flag death threats to other users, joking or not, within their chat.

As for your “Add Custom Message” settings option, that is a single message, not an array of possible messages (at least based on the documentation).

There are 3 options for spam protections:

Default - Duke nukem quotes. This is largely in place from the original versions of nightbot, and is a funny little default that if you understand the quotes isn’t that bad.

Silent: No message is posted for timing out.

Custom message: A single message that allows you to tell the user what they did wrong.

You cannot make an array of custom messages, and if you do not like the defaults you have two options to remove them or change them to something you prefer. I believe night has commented on the Duke Nukem quotes in the past, but he would be the person who could talk about why they are there.

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