Various easy commands for nightbot noob

I am totally new to nightbot. I’m trying to make my stream approachable and fun. I saw the variables wiki but it isn’t simple enough. What does the $(query) do? And I tried to set up my steam and it says no match… blahhhhh so confusing.

Variables are for users who have at least a basic background in programming. If you aren’t sure what variables are or how they work, that’s not exactly something we can teach, unfortunately.

I don’t have any programming experience… What is it that the $(query) does? i’m just curious. I was able to use some of the wiki info, but yeah i’m not totally trying to learn programming haha. Thank you for replying!

The basic use of the $(query) - The entire string of arguments supplied to the command or anything after the command it’s self. A simple command like:

!addcom !say $(query)

When you do:

!say Hello World!

Nightbot will use arguments(anything after the command) as the query. You will get in return:

Nightbot: Hello World!

Query is useful for if you don’t want a set command but you need a dynamic amount of arguments. A great example is a !weather command.

Night: !addcom !weather $(weather $(query))
Night: !weather New York
Nightbot: Weather for Albany, NY: Conditions are Overcast with a temperature of 49 F (9 C). The wind is blowing From the South at 6 MPH and the current humidity is 66%.

All of these and more can be found on the wiki page. Look at the examples for they are pretty useful for beginners. Nightbot Wiki Page

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