Using Nightbot via Youtube Stream Now vs new Studio Beta Live Dashboard

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I used to stream through the old “Stream Now” page of Youtube ( and here, I could just make Nightbot join the channel early and test if he’s actually working as intended by using some commands before I started streaming and Nightbot responded. With Youtube making the switch to their new Studio Beta, I decided to create a Stream with the new Livestreaming Dashboard ([video ID here]) which creates an upcoming stream on a respective video page. In this case, it is

However, unlike how Nightbot functions in the old Stream Now feature, it is not registering any of my commands pre-stream. In fact, going back to the old Stream now feature, even without a stream set up there, Nightbot is still responding to me there, while completely silent in the stream set up by the new Studio feature.

As someone who does not stream very actively, I am kinda concerned if Nightbot will actually recognize the stream once I go live through the event or if there are any settings I need to change back in the Nightbot Dashboard, since the new Studio seems to be directly creating an event stream.

“Stream Now” uses your default stream/chat, while the new studio is making events (which is actually possible to do via the old creator studio). Nightbot only supports the default chat for “pre-stream” testing, but does function in event chats too. Your stream must actually be live for Nightbot to join event chats.

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Ah, thank you for the clarification! I’ll go ahead and close the thread.

Edit: I dont think I can manually close my own threads here, so I’ll let the 14 days run then ^^

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