Using Multiple Follow Alerts

I have different overlays for different games and I have follower/donation alerts that match each overlay in color/theme. With the new alert system, it automatically changes the name of the image to follow-alert.png whenever you upload a new one, which overwrites the old one. I’ve attempted to upload a different file and change the URL in the CLR browser to match it (follow-alert-a.png … follow-alert-b.png, etc), but it doesn’t load them.

Any idea how I might go about doing this again? I’d rather not have to redesign all of my overlays to match one popup if possible.


You can manually upload images to your Dropbox and replace the image and sound links in the hosted URL in order to use multiple images and sounds.

To do this, upload the image/sound to Dropbox. Then, right click on the image in Dropbox and then click “Share.”

A share link will popup:

You will want to replace in your hosted URL the generated link.

For example, my shared Dropbox URL is

You want to replace the _ characters below with il10ra3mj1y69on

So if your hosted URL is

You would want to replace the _ characters above as

I’ve attempted this to no avail. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong. (Forgive my broken links, I’m only allowed 2 per post, but trust me that they all have https://www. written correctly)

My original (working) upload is here:

This one works fine.

I uploaded my alternate alert to my base DropBox folder (ie. not the NightDev Stream Alerts folder) and attempted to change out the image in the alert by doing what you said, but now not only does it not show an image, there’s no Test_User text or sound at all when previewed… and all I did was replace the part you underscored which should only effect the image (right…?)

Alternate image:

Alternate Alert:

Alternatively, I uploaded the same image to the NightDev Stream Alerts folder (with the original) and renamed it to follow-alert-d.png

Link here:

Full alert:

In this case, it will actually trigger the sound and follower name, but it won’t pull the image file - just Test_User appears on a transparent background.

Does the image HAVE to be named follow-alert.png for it to work? If so, where does one upload the alternate alert so it can co-exist with the original?


You are not replacing characters properly in the URL.

%2F is a forward slash

In your example:

should be

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