Using count command without editing it

Is there a way to add a count command that displays it’s content when someone uses it without editing and only edit when a mod uses it or i use other commands?


user: !wins

bot: 2 wins today

mod: !addwins

bot: 3 wins today


The simplest solution to this is to use $(count) like so:

!addcom -cd=5 !wins 0 wins today.

!addcom !addwins -a=!editcom !wins $(count) wins today.

To show the number of wins, type !wins. To increase the number of wins by 1, type !addwins, then type !wins to show the new number.

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What should i use to add a reset wins command? I’m trying to add one but isn’t changing the wins

!addcom !resetwins -a=!editcom !addwins \-c=0

To reset the wins, type !resetwins then !addwins

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