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Using BTTV over C# - CefSharp embbed Browser

Hey hey,
i have a bug, or not well running Version of BTTV not in Chrome itself, but in an embbed Browser named “CefSharp”. CefSharp is a Cromium based embbed Browser for C# wpf.

I´m programming a little Application, just for me, and tried to implement the Popup Chat over the CefSharp Browser.
That worked great but i want to see BTTV emotes aswell, so i searched a way to implement BTTV too.
After a while i figured it out how i can run both with the CefSharp Browser.
But everytime i write an BTTV Emote to the Chat, a second and third line are written behind the Emote with informations to this Emote. Does anyone have a bit experience with it, and know how to fix this?
That would be very Awsome.



Hey @roddi48!

I’m not experienced on the issue, but may I suggest inspecting the elements, maybe you’ll get a hint of what’s going on there and you should be able to figure out the solution.

Hey hey,
i got the solution. The Problem was just that the Style (betterttv.css) wasn´t able to load because the CefSharp Browser does not support the linking to local files through “chrome-extension://”.
I figured out how to implement the css file manually into the html code without an local linking and its working perfect now.

Thanks for the hint to examine the elements more closely, without that, i would not have find the solution.

I think the topic can now be closed . :blush:

If someone would like a more detailed explanation, you are welcome to contact me.


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