Using Alias Commands

So I browsed few threads and I found out that alias is now added to the Nightbot beta in this form:

!commands add !resethugs -a=!commands edit !hug \-c=0

However, when I tried to make an alias for !commands edit, it doesn’t seem to work.

!commands edit !editcom -a=!commands edit
Nightbot: 16thSquadSanseki -> The command "!editcom" has been edited successfully.

!editcom !test test123
Nightbot: 16thSquadSanseki -> You must specify a command name.

Could it be caused by the fact that the alias parameter is not limited by brackets anymore, so the bot does not notice the space after word edit? Or are the default commands not available for alias anymore?

What is passed to aliases is now the body of the command. It didn’t make sense to pass user input unless it was requested.

To get the functionality you’re looking for, you’d need:

!commands edit !editcom -a=!commands edit $(query)
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