User specific permission

I’m trying to make a command that only triggers when a specific user types the command, example: Detestedcross: !SO RandomUser
Nightbot: Go check out RandomUser…
RandomUser2: !SO …
And have no response from nightbot for RandomUser2

Just to clarify I’m not trying to do this with a shout out command and I want a command for one of my mods that only triggers when he types the command that way no one else can use it.

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Follow the format below:

!addcom -cd=5 !testcommand $(eval if('$(user)'=='specificUser'){'commandOutput';}else{' ';})

Replace the command name (!testcommand) with whatever you want. Replace specificUser with the user you want to be able to use the command. Replace commandOutput with your desired command response.

Thank you this helps greatly, just tried it and it works perfectly.

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