"Use in my channel" option missing ? Plz help

Hello everyone.
Ive had emotes approved by BTTV. Ive followed the instructions to enable sharing, but i dont see any “Use in my channel” option like the BTTV website instructions mention.
Ive taken screenshots of my settings ect below, so you can hopefully see where the problem is, ive tried everything but seem to go round in circles.

When i click on 1 of the emotes as instructed, i go to the following screen, that has no “use in my channel” option

Im using Firefox browser. Ive been trying for 3 days and getting nowhere, help greatly appreciated.

Emotes you upload yourself are automaticly available in your own channel after approval.

The ‘Use in my channel’ option is for emotes uploaded by other people (if they enabled the sharing option).

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