Urlfetch command problem


Been using urlfetch with custom cmds for a while without issue. The IP of the server referenced in the cmd changed a while ago and since then, the urlfetch custom cmds do no work anymore when using a url from that hostname. Not seeing anything in my apache’s access_log when i trigger the command. Nightbot is replying with a Error Connecting To Remote Server. If I type the same url in a browser, it works as expected.

So one example is this command :

!addcom !score $(urlfetch http://mossranking.com/api/getwr.php?cat=2&twitch=1)

Any idea ?


Is the problem fixed now?

Same. Error Connecting To Remote Server after ~10s.

I’ve try using http://myip/ttt.php but i have the same error and no hit in access_log. Works fine if i call directly from a browser…

it’s possible your server is rejecting the bot or your ip is unreachable. Ensure it’s setup properly for access externally.