Urlfetch and Userlevel permissions when using alias

When some types in !command, I’d like them to see a clean list of commands. These commands would then fire another command using alias. I was hoping that the alias feature would allow for Userlevel to be set to moderator, so that normal users could run the everyone command, but NOT run the alias commands directly. Looks like both have to be everyone. Is there any way around this?

COMMAND           MESSAGE                           USERLEVEL            ALIAS
!runcommand-abc   Type this to see abc              everyone             run-abc
!runcommand-xyz   Type this to see xyz              everyone             run-xyz

run-abc           I am using an abc                 moderator                       
run-xyz           The answer to xyz is [urlfetch]   moderator

A user needs to have the required userlevel for both commands in order for an alias to work. The only way around this would be using a custom api. You also might be able to get around it using $(eval) but it would be fairly advanced.

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