URL editing command?

Ok so i have this url:


It looks up the rank and rr of a given valorant account, in this case its charcoalpotato with the player tag of 42069

If i use a simple $(urlfetch [url]) it will display Silver 1 - 87 rr

Perfect, wonderful.

I want to know if there is a way to change the name and tag in the url when i type a command.

For example id want to type this:

!rank Taco 5043

And have the command return my rank through the url https://api.kyroskoh.xyz/valorant/v1/mmr/ap/Taco/5043?show=combo&display=2)

I guess what im asking is can i put variables in a urlfetch? Or something like it? Sorry if this is all jumbled i just really dont know a good way to ask about something im so confused about.

use arguments variable [$(1-9)] in urlfetch
!rank red green

$(1) is red
$(2) is green
upto $(9)

$(urlfetch https://api.kyroskoh.xyz/valorant/v1/mmr/ap/$(1)/$(2)?show=combo&display=2) 
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Thanks! Way simpler than I had originally thought it to be. Once again Im glad I went through the forums instead of fumbling about myself. Works perfectly!

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