URL and obs help please

Hello, i got a problem with my URL i cant get it to work with my obs, no sound and no image when i do the &preview=true at the end of my url. I think i have the obs v0.657b version but it is because on the 13.4 version i cant find the preview button and it seems more difficult than ever.

My URL is down here if thats the problem.


Thanks in advance!

My link seems to work fine right? i guess i gotta uninstall all my obs and reinstall it again and well then i just gotta figure out where that preview button is ^^

Hey again. no matter what version of obs/obs multiplatform i cant get my URL to work. yesterday i tryed for 7 hours just to get it to work but with no luck. Please help me out here. I can easy do everything els on obs but getting this fallower alert to work i cannot!

When you open the link in the browser and add &preview=true you see nothing, so I dont think it’s an obs problem.
If you look at the browser console (while opening the link in browser) it will say 401 Not Authorized error for both the sound and image. I would suggest to run the install process again, try reconnect to dropbox, and reupload them to your dropbox.