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!uptime costumized


Hi, is it possible to make a command (!uptime) where Nightbot says Streamer is live since …
If I use $(twitch username " uptimeAt or uptimeLength ") Nightbot says … is live with 60FPS, Family friendly…since …
This 60 FPS and the other things I dont want.
I have seen this How to customize uptimeAt parameter but if I translate it to german it dont work.
Thx for help


Hiya, you can specify the parameters that you want to show:
So for only the uptime date, simply use $(twitch $(channel) "{{uptimeAt}}").

Now you just need to add the text you want to display, 2 options:
!commands add !uptime Streamer is live since $(twitch $(channel) "{{uptimeAt}}")
!commands add !uptime $(twitch $(channel) "Streamer is live since {{uptimeAt}}")

You can ofcourse also use the {{uptimeLength}} parameter instead. The post you linked can be helpfull to change the date format.


Okay thx, it worked!

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