Uploading a gif emote


So I noticed gif emote support just got supported in the latest update (Version 6.8R39) which is amazing. The only problem being I cannot seem to upload a gif supported image when I go to the submit panel. It’s png’s only apparently. Am I missing something or is this feature still exclusive?


Make sure any one file you upload is less than 1MB in size. As long as you’re uploading a GIF less than that size, you should have no problem uploading. We already have had a ton of GIF emotes uploaded, so I don’t believe there’s any issues with the system.

I’m having a problem uploading my emote. The error I’m getting says that the sizes are off?

Could y’all take a look and tell me what wrong?


They are all below 1MB size which I find odd. As soon as I browse them on my computer they are unable to even click in the first place which I find strange. I can select .png files just not .gif ones.

The sizes you should upload are 28x28, 56x56, and 112x112. If you’re getting an error about size when you upload, then they aren’t those sizes.

The form wasn’t allowing you to select .gifs then. I just pushed a fix that addresses this. You may need to first clear your cache.

The fix seemed to have done the trick. Thanks!

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