Unknown second account on Bttv site?

Here is how it looks like: https://i.imgur.com/oSUuVT1.png

I have no idea who this eminem933 person is, but it seems like for some reason I can swap between my own account and this eminem933 account by just clicking the name on the dropdownbox https://i.imgur.com/2ydYXmF.png https://i.imgur.com/9v7V3uk.png Why is it there? It’s not my account and the lack of information on this makes me feel like my account is compromised, maybe it’s not but I wanna know what’s going on.

Hiya, no need to worry, your account is not compromised. Someone has added you as editor for their channel (https://betterttv.com/dashboard/editors), editors can add/delete emotes to that channel instead of their own if you click their name in the rop-right menu.

It it kind of weird, since you don’t know the other user, they might have added you by mistake.

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