Unique counter command

I am trying to make a costum wins/loses command for Wizard101 game.

What I invision is:
When a viewer types !ratio it would display the score like: 0-0 (Fire 0-0, Ice 0-0, Storm 0-0, Myth 0-0, Life 0-0, Death 0-0, Balance 0-0)

And for mods there would be extra commands, example:
!fireW would add a win to fire, so it should display: 1-0 (Fire 1-0, Ice 0-0, Storm 0-0, Myth 0-0, Life 0-0, Death 0-0, Balance 0-0)

If you than lose on Storm a mod should write !stormL and the display should be: 1-1 (Fire 1-0, Ice 0-0, Storm 0-1, Myth 0-0, Life 0-0, Death 0-0, Balance 0-0)

And finally after all that I want a !reset command which takes everything back down to 0.

Now, I am quite new to this Nightbot commands and I am not even sure if such a thing is possible but I tried playing around with the help of threads on this site example but I never managed to get it to work.

I played around with the following commands but i couldnt even get the reset to work properly:
!addcom !firew -ul=mod Fire wins: $(count)
!addcom !reset -ul=mod -a=!editcom !firew Fire wins: -c=0

!addcom !firew -ul=mod $(count) fire wins
!addcom !reset -ul=mod -a=!editcom !firew -c=0 fire wins


Is there anyone who understands this and can help me out? Is this even possible or is this too much since theres a seperate score that keeps track of everything and also individual scores for each element?


Hey @Burn2dust!

Checkout Win-Loss Counter with customapi - #3 by Emily, hopefully it’ll help you.

Thank you Emily,

I have tried getting it to work but it just doesnt happen like i want it too. This is way too advanced for me with 0 knowledge so I will just give up on the idea and settle with manually typing commands after every win/loss with the !editcom command

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