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I play a lot of Warzone and want a gulag command.
!addwin - counter to add a win with a unique reply not to typical "edit commands $(count) I would like “User has won another Gulag!”
!addloss - counter to add a loss “User lost!”
!gulag - User has won XX and lost XX gulags.
!reset - would it be possible to reset both or do I need an individual one for both.

I have tried this link - but I can’t seem to change the words.

I also tried this link but it for some reason counts by deaths in multiples of 4.

Anyone able to help?

Hiya, having 2 different counters in one command can be tricky, and will most likely require some custom code (either with $(eval) with one of the links you provided, or a custom script with $(urlfetch)).

Nightbot has it’s own $(count) variable to accomplish this, but then you’ll need to separate the wins and losses.

Or another option will be a manual edit, for example a command:
!setgulag 15 20
Which can update the !gulag command to for example: User has won 15 and lost 20 gulags.
If you would want that, let me know so I can give you those commands.

Hey xgerhard, i’m a mod for a streamer and i’m interest in this command as well. I would appreciate if you can share how to setup this command.

Hey @Cheerful and @Nephilim!

Check out this post I wrote a reply to not so long ago, I think that’s what you’re looking for:

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Hey Emily, appreciate your contribution. I’ll try that one out, thanks!

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Thanks! This is awesome! It works great except the Reset commands don’t work for me. Whenever I reset it, it changes the !gl and !gw commands to -c=0 .

For example:

This is what my !gwreset looks like:
command: !gwreset
Message: !gw -c=0
User: Mod
Alias: !editcom

After my first reset this is what !gw looks like:
command: !gw
Message: -c=0
User: Mod
Alias: !gulag

I can’t reproduce your issue, make sure you added the command correctly or that it’s not the normal behavior.

I must have done something wrong. I’ll attach a couple of photos. Thank you for taking the time to help me with this.


In !glreset the Message field should be !gl -c=0.
The \ (backslash) is only to add the command from the chat.

OMG!! I knew it was something so simple I was missing!! THANK YOU!!

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