Unignoring users

Basically, for whatever reason, when I click on a users name, it auto blocks them on Twitch, and when I try to unblock a user, it comes up with the error “There was a problem unignoring that user.” Normally this wouldn’t be cause for concern, except it’s blocked a Developer named SIickrick.

Is there a way around this? Or a different method to unignoring someone?

Can you confirm the issue you are describing only happens with BetterTTV and not default Twitch. The un-ignoring definitely sounds like a twitch issue at least.

Also steps to reproduce would be helpful. This doesn’t happen for me.

This has only started happening after I had installed the BetterTTV add on(The actual add on is a solid 10/10, with this issue aside.). So I’m chalking it up to that, though it may be a coincidence. I did log in without the programme and received the same result.

However the issue is that the programme and/or Twitch itself has made it so when clicking on someone’s name there is basically a one in three chance of them being ignored.
(Essentially, when clicking on a users name it will come up with a “This user has been successfully blocked.” message.)

In relation for steps, it may just be my own human error or an actual issue.

I couldn’t reproduce your issue of /unignore having the “problem unignoring user”, ignoring and unignoring someone via the commands in chat was working fine. The error would be on twitch’s end.

Issue was resolved on Impreracis’ end using https://twitchstuff.3v.fi/ignored/ as that properly unignored the user.

Imperacis’ browser is Google Chrome.

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