Unexpected identifier in urlfetch json

hello, some time ago I was using a small variant of the command to obtain the COD stats, but it turns out that from one day to the next it began to fail and currently I am not able to obtain any result besides “Unexpected identifier”

This is my command:

$(eval s=$(urlfetch json https://api.tracker.gg/api/v2/warzone/standard/profile/battlenet/romii96%231777/).data.segments[1].stats; r=s.kdRatio.value; k=s.kills.value; d=s.deaths.value; w=s.wins.value; h=s.timePlayed.displayValue; `Wins: ${w} | Kills: ${k} | Deaths: ${d} | Kills/Deaths Ratio: ${r} | tiempo jugado: ${h}`)

I checked that the data obtained from the json were correct, and so far I have not detected any errors.

It would be of great help if you could tell me where the error is or what other option I could use to obtain the data


Hey @jakupo!

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Thanks for the information, I was afraid this would be the case, since I was planning to replicate the same formula on the same server but for OW2

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